Congrats to the Dolphins on winning the
Super Bowl

Because seemingly, this is what this game was to
that ****bag franchise. They talked crap for weeks about the Jets trying to
injure Bush in game 1 (we weren't!) act like classless pricks on the field (that
tattoed POS dolphin OT gesturing at the Jets bench, among other things) They
were coming off a bye while we have half a team on IR and were coming off a
brutal OT game in New England.

Those idiots dance around like it's the
super bowl. No wonder this team is practically NFL siberia with 10 fans
nationwide. Those dopes don't even have an OUNCE of class. Reggie Bush did
nothing today and had a fumble, watch him open up his heisman-less trap and
talk. 200 yards of Miami total offense and they'll be talking up a storm I'm

Nice to see Tannenhill get some hot sauce. As well as some Miami
D-line players.

Fish will be dissapointed no lombardi trophy in the
locker room. But congrats on this franchises greatest accomplishment in 12+
years as they improve to a mighty 4-3

Dolphins like to pretend they
matter. Newsflash, it's not 1984, nobody cares about you anymore

God Hates The Jets

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