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Thread: Photos from the DolfansNYC takeover of MetLife Stadium

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    Game Day Photos from the DolfansNYC takeover of MetLife Stadium

    For those of you who don't know about DolfansNYC we are the Dolphins fan club in New York City. We started in 2008 after our group of about 10 swelled to about 35 by the time we made the playoffs. We meet weekly at a bar in the city called Third & Long. We do a trip to the Meadowland every year (Twice last year when the Phins played the Giants away) but this year was BY FAR our biggest trip. We bought 199 tickets in two sections as a group but TONS of other Phins fans bought tickets near us. We brought two buses from Third & Long and way more people met us there. We had a MASSIVE tailgate and then went inside and harassed the hell out of Jets fans without them being able to do anything about it. It was amazing. At the end of the game all the Jets fans left and you could just hear us. If you heard the "Let's Go Dolphins" chants on TV in the 4th quarter that was us.

    The cool part of the tailgate was that Stephen Ross showed up with Fergie, Mike Dee, Nat Moore, and a bunch of cheerleaders. Andy Kent was there to write about it. They were all really cool and posed for pictures and signed autographs. It was a great time.

    Here are a few pictures from the tailgate, but you can read more and see all of my pictures here. I am a professional photographer in my real life so I took a TON of shots. Enjoy!

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