For some it starts in the home, or maybe sitting around watching Saturday morning cartoons (Captain Planet anyone?).

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Then it continues in our schools.

This leads to a more professional looking propaganda with more kids spewing lies like mindless zombies.

Then elitist Hollywood (brainwashed celebrities) chime in telling you how to think.

They tell you that voting is like sex, and provide you misleading information about that opposition's stance on social issues to scare you into submission.

Hollywood portrays Obama as some sort of selfless hero. They do it in typical "move trailer" format with sappy music and a voice over by the renowned Morgan Freeman.

Since not everyone watches television, internet memes and various jokes are used to belittle the opposition. Again, I take a joke, but at some point it just feels liberal conditioning.

Let's talk about big bird...

or binders full of women...

or bayonets...

Lastly finish this last group of videos with making fun of Romney for the 47% comment (that was taken completely out of context), or demonizing Romney's success since it's "unfair" for him to be so well off. At least the song is catchy.

These jokes serve to distract you from the real issues like the economy.

All of this is not enough, however, and Obama pushes to get his "message" out through the bias megaphone that is mainstream media.

There's Letterman/Leno/Fallon/MTV/The View - on none of the shows does he address hard-hitting questions.

Your media has a left bend, and include the likes of CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox (not FoxNews), along with cable news affiliates MSNBC and CNN. Even those at Google and Yahoo cannot be trusted, and they are the portals of the internet. There are many other publications, as well, but there are too many to list so click on the following link...,_2012

As you can see... on Wiki they didn't even bother to update it to reflect Romney as opposed to McCain.

Other endorsements include all of the following...,_2012

You'll see groups like the Communist Party USA, and a ton of support by corrupt union organizations (like the teacher's unions). There are also plenty of recognizable sheep among the crowd.

They all have an agenda, which is to protect their "guy" and convince you to like him as well, even if he is inept and will ruin our country.

If you like all the propaganda you saw above, then the Matrix has you.

Feel free to seek information from a source that does not come from any of the above sources.

I hope that many of you will be able to cut through the bull#$@, and that you will be able to form your own conclusions. Stop regurgitating liberal talking points, and see Obama for who he really is, a one-term President that has failed at almost every level.