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I suspected I would get the reaction I did from the "liberal" regulars on this forum.

Maybe you consider yourselves the unique few that can really see things objectively. It's pretty obvious that many of you don't, and your comebacks consist of quips or pictures that dismiss what I write as a joke. How can one even think that your outlook on life could have been remotely been shaped by the media and your schooling? Get real.

Aside from your parents, your biggest role models will be mentors like teachers and/or celebrity idols etc. Many kids don't even have two parents to guide them, so guess who is going to have a big impact on their beliefs and outlook?

It's easier to laugh and reject everything I put forth on here, because otherwise it would mean admitting you have been duped by your beloved professors and TV programs.


The second pro-Obama ad has been compared to ads that uses children to exalt North Korea's leaders. Maybe you need a more side by side comparison to see my point.

The Dunham Obama ad has been compared to an ad that was done by Vladamir Putin. Again, appealing to people's emotions and has no substance as a means to influence voters.


Again, not playing to the victim card, but I am simply showing how entrenched "liberal" or "Progressive" propaganda has become, and such ads are sadly similar to those ads found in Russia or North Korea.

People should be insulted by the ads, and dismayed at the use of kids as a political tool. I have seen kids used too many times used as a means to push through so many Propositions for fear that education will get cut and children will suffer. It's almost always misleading, and the schools rarely benefit because such funds are used pay off the teachers unions (not teachers) instead of getting books and school supplies. These unions, in turn, help to keep those who create these Propositions in power.

Furthermore, many of you have bought into "climate change" as being our ultimate demise or "class warfare" as a zero sum game between the rich and poor. As you read this, you think how stupid or how dare he challenge the very tenets of liberalism. Where do you think you learned these beliefs? Likely your professors or your favorite MSNBC program. Just saying.

Ultimately, the name-calling or jokes just mask an uncomfortable insecurity in your own belief system, and the need to have it reaffirmed by those similarly deluded.

I don't believe in the Illuminati nor do I believe that that we are living in "1984" as of yet, so you can put your tin foil hats away. However, I do believe that the "Progressives" are now running the show (think media-government complex), and have in a sense become "the system," "the machine" or "the man." Americans turn to "the system" hoping they (socialized government) have the answers, but ultimately these Progressive leaders placate their followers with false hopes and buy votes through government subsidized programs and welfare. Those that do speak out against big government (namely libertarians or conservatives) are labeled as racists, religious zealots, misogynists, plutocrats (usually without cause), and are summarily dismissed by the media as not being PC or out of touch.

The government needs to be held accountable to the people, but not enough people are questioning the motives and the actions of their chosen leaders. The issue is being further compounded by a media that propagates government lies (Benghazi for example) and an educational system that doesn't teach kids to think critically but encourages collectivism or group think. America was founded on individualism, and taking calculated risks not being lemmings.

Obama tells us to just trust him and the government with our healthcare (Obamacare), trust them with out tax payer money (massive stimulus spending that result in hemorrhaging debt), and on foreign policy matters (he'll stop Iran from getting the nuke but couldn't do a thing about Benghazi). Anyone who trusts "the system" will come away disappointed. It's time to shake things up, and buck "the system" in 2012 by voting the incumbent out of office.
If progressives are so influential how come we didn't get a public option?