I'm up late this evening working on a business deal for tomorrow morning and all I've heard about is some superstorm hurricane that's headed for the northeast. Whoopty doo. I've had to deal with many hurricanes in my lifetime and I know how to prepare for one. But you know it all northerners like to jab at people who aren't used to snow and may not have the proper resources such as salt trucks to deal with a snow storm. And now it's time for you to get a taste of your own medicine with a good ole southern style hurricane that you don't know how to prepare for. Wait until your businesses and schools are shutdown due to the storm and your modern conveniences are stripped away for a few days. You'll see what it's like for people in the south who are ill prepared to deal with what you would call a small snow storm. I hate the north for the most part. The Amish dummies in Pennsylvania probably don't even know this thing is coming since they don't have television and they go to bed before the sun goes down. So hang onto your dicks and sack up while life sucks for a few days. Anyhoo, we'll be rooting for you from our warm "sandy" beaches in paradise.