He will be here as President Obama and not Candidate Obama, be here for something more than another money grab, will probably end up standing in Battery Park with Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, who lives in that neighborhood and has no known political affiliation.

The President will also stand with the increasingly independent mayor of this city, Michael Bloomberg, before he goes down to New Jersey, as he has done before in the aftermath of natural disaster, to stand on the beach with the Republican governor of that state, Chris Christie.

And this will be one of those moments that transcends the general lousiness of this campaign, that involves the real life of this country that the candidates talk endlessly about, and not the latest tracking poll from Ohio or Florida.

The problems with our political system, the insane process of presidential politics, the insane notion that somehow the Electoral College should still be relevant in the modern world or exist at all — none of that will be solved by the storm that keeps coming hard up the ocean.

But at least once before Election Day, one of the men running for the highest office will end up in New York and treat it like what it is, the real capital of the country. It will be because of the power of nature, not the power Obama wants to keep and Romney seeks.

When New York gets hit, you come here, and that means for something more than “The View” or fund-raisers

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