[QUOTE]At the five-day mark before Election Day, both the Romney and Obama campaign not only think they can win, but are convinced that they will win.
To be clear, this is not just about spin and bravado. Each side says that they have empirical evidence that shows their candidate is ahead.
"We have the math, they have the myth," Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said on a conference call with reporters yesterday, expressing confidence in the president's position heading into Nov. 6.
Messina and his Obama campaign counterpart, David Axelrod, dismissed speculation that new ads and campaign stops by Republicans and Democrats in states that had been considered safe -- Minnesota, Michigan and Pennsylvania -- are signs of a struggling campaign.
"I've put my moustache on the line," Axelrod said of Obama's odds of holding those states.
Axelrod characterized the momentum the Romney campaign has been projecting as "faux-mentum" and said there was a "growing recognition on the other side that Ohio is fading away."
Meanwhile, Republicans, and not just Team Romney, but every Republican we talk to who is involved in surveying voters in swing states, say their polls show a very different race than the one that Democrats and media pollsters have shown.[QUOTE]