...for the Fins to finally turn the corner. Those were 525,600 minutes of my life that I'll never get back - but it's worth the sacrifice.

Every recent B'day I hopefully declared that "patience is a virtue" and "this time next year things will at long last turn-around. Well guess what?

It was worth inching 8,760 irretrievable hours closer to the Great Beyond to now have a promising young stud franchise QB under center, Coach Joe and his staff at the helm, Steve Ross looking like he's finally mastering this Ownership thingy, and players formerly straddling the performance fence whose play, thanks to good coaching, is now justifying their draft decisions. So this is already a great "La Dolce Fins Vita " regardless of how the rest of the day goes! (Did I include watching the jest get humiliated in their own crib?)

So wishing ME and the Fins the best of everything going forward.