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Dumbest threads ever:

What are CRAZYDOLFAN305 posts, Alex?
As usual another mods with a hard on for me. I didn't address you in my topic, as matter of fact since I know you and a few others that despite me so much I've gone out of my way to stay away from you guys. I love this board to much to let you run me from it. I Give you the peace you want in not communicating with you. But still another what the dumbness thing crazy has said comment, and still didn't add anything to the post. Just look at a thread that was started by me and voila, the thread then turns into a crazydolfan hate fest. You and all your other commodarates are some of the meanest people I know, I've apologize to yall countless times, get told go **** off when I do. To each it's own I guess, now Watch, I get a warning for personal attack