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I read it again, and again I will question your attempt to blame no public option on the republicans.

Do the republicans want a public option? No. To blame them in this particular circumstance is disingenuous at best, as I pointed out in my previous post.

You will see I countered your other claim in the other thread I brought back up.

As for your suggestion about what to do because of the people that post here, well, I will just wait and let nature take its course. During Bush's second term a huge portion of his supporters left, or changed screen names when it became obviously apparent his two terms were a complete failure, call it a hunch, I see the exact same thing happening again.

Of course you will say you are not going anywhere, but most will, I guess we will see if I'm right.
Twice you missed where i said i wasnt going to fight about the examples i used because it wasnt the point of the thread(and where i subsequently admitted it i shouldnt have brought it up), and now you justify your continued whining by bumping a 3 week old thread.

I dont care if someone, sometime, somewhere posted about a specific request. Just because someone made that request sometime in the history of this forums existence doesnt mean its perfectly acceptable for you to continue insulting people in every thread you post in sobbing about the good ole days. The purpose of this thread, and most other ones, is not how poorly peoples posts supposedly are. Your the one that continues to bring that up everywhere. You could have easily complained in the original thread or in the Anything Goes Thread. But instead you have decided the mature thing to do is try and distract people in every thread about it.

You have completely missed my points and i suspect you have intentionally done so. Im going to follow my own advice and throw you on ignore. Do everyone else a favor and contact a mod to try and create a secret forum.