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i am looking for a nfl rule on when a player is not considered a rookie any more.
it looks like an easy question but im looking for the NFL's rule it self.
example of this not so easy question is this, a player goes undrafted signs to the teams PS gets on the 53 man roster but never plays one down that whole season.we know 53 players do not actually play for each team on sundays because of some NFL rule.is this player no longer a rookie for the next season?
ok what if he does play and suits up in the last game of the season is that considered his rookie year even if he may be a RB and only play on ST for that one game ?
what is the actual NFL rule?thanks my fellow fin fans this is why this is the best site on the net
That's part of the CBA terminology, because NFL rulebook serves to describe football definitions and rules and it isn't about contract terminology nor administrative rules.