Here is an interesting one to start this thread......

All 3 of the phoney teams who would all lose at least 2 games if they played in the SEC and yet are still undefeated(Oregon, K State, Notre Dame) play on the road next week. As we have seen, Notre Dame is capable of losing to anyone, so BC has a shot. They also still have to face USC. K St plays at TCU who isnt good but, ya never know, and Oregon plays a rival in Cal. They also still have to go on the road to face Oregon St in the civil war in a couple of weeks.

Lets say all 3 of these teams lose a game.

This opens up Florida to come in the back door and face Bama in the title game. So hypothetically, Florida may have done themselves a favor by losing to Georgia. Had they beaten Georgia, they would clearly be ranked #2 going into the SEC title game, but would have to face Bama then. A loss in that game would eliminate Florida from a rematch in the BCS title game even if all the other teams lose a game.

But, now with Georgia stepping up to take that loss in the SEC championship, Florida could be sitting there ranked #2 before that SEC title game is even played if those other 3 teams drop a game.

In other words, if I were a gator fan(thankfully Im not) I would be fine with Georgia winning out. I really want no part of playing Bama in the SEC title game. Whats the point? Its really Florida's best and only real path to the BCS title game. Have Georgia win the rest of their regular season games while Oregon, K State, and ND all drop a game.

Really, its almost a shame LSU cant get the rematch like Bama did last year. That was a great game and we all know that was the two best teams in the country. Well, those of us with sense do. Some people love the Oregon hype. Having 2 losses kills LSU's hopes though.

So which teams do you think will make it, if any, of that group guys? Post your thoughts here.

Id say ND is the most likely to lose even though they only play one more decent team in USC. ND just isnt that good.

Oregon is next likely to lose IMHO because they have a couple of road games left in the conference.

K State I think will win out. They could lose, but I dont see who is going to beat them.

One of those teams will likely win out though and suffer a massive beat down by NICK SABAN in the BCS championship.
ROLL ****ING TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!