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Okay I will give you that argument, but we got our answer today.

We could have won this game today, if Tannehill makes the big plays.

I see what you're saying, you invest all this money, so lets see what we have. But personally I feel it could have the opposite affect.

That's why this defeat was so hard on me today. I got the answer.

I will try to enjoy the rest of the season, but we're not going anywhere.

We lost 2 games in OT, games we should have won and we lost this game, when we had the opportunity to close it out.

We have now started a "pattern" now, one that can be measured.

We need our defense to bail us out, because our offense can't.


Pattern? A 8 game rookie QB already has a pattern? Seriously?

This is where you lose any and all credibility. The guy is learning. You can't know his patterns until you have a bigger sample size, unless of course you have a bias that allows you to draw this conslusion in a short manner.

As someone who didn't want to draft Tannehill at #8, but who said he should start DAY 1. I will give this QB longer than 8 games to draw such conclusions. This QB will establish himself with reps and more in game experience.

Expectations are what fans need to temper. This team isn't as good as some make them out to be, nor as bad as some make them out to be.