I hope your right, but after 8 games I just don't see Tannehill getting fired up to close games out.

You don't earn wins, you take them, and in all our games we have played, they've all been real close and tight, with the exception of two.

The Colts were supposed to have had one of the worst defenses, and last year they finished dead last.

Tannehill could not take advantage of this.


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Pattern? A 8 game rookie QB already has a pattern? Seriously?

This is where you lose any and all credibility. The guy is learning. You can't know his patterns until you have a bigger sample size, unless of course you have a bias that allows you to draw this conslusion in a short manner.

As someone who didn't want to draft Tannehill at #8, but who said he should start DAY 1. I will give this QB longer than 8 games to draw such conclusions. This QB will establish himself with reps and more in game experience.

Expectations are what fans need to temper. This team isn't as good as some make them out to be, nor as bad as some make them out to be.