Chew on these nuggets of wisdom. These are actual quotes from fins fans during the week. Excuse me while I crack open a beer and celebrate and lmao. Anything in ( ) is my interjections, just for fun.

Luck really hasnt been that impressive when Ive watched him. He's the Great Hype Machine though so... (433 yds., yeah, overestimated. he's won rookie of the week 3 times, and is the first #1 pick to have a winning record after 8 games. I suppose that's hype?) - BigNastyDB13

Sorry, but the Colts will get killed this week. You heard it here first. (you should be a comedian) - dolphin777

How can they win with Luck and Wayne please Luck is gooo but not that good (yeah, Luck sucks)
If Dolphins stay hungry game will be over at half time - dolphin777

The Colts are overrated due to Luck (If 5-3 is overrated, I'll take it) - dolphin777

Colts suck. Philbin will expose and take advantage of every weak spot on that team. I see another game like the jets game. Domination on all 3 units. (then you woke up) - Daytona Fin

Fins win big this weekend. You can bet on that. (remind me to not ask you for gambling advice) Prepare to hear the national media talk about us all next week. The Packers game was an anomaly due the Pagano situation. - Codemaster

This Colts team is not a good team. (if that's true, what does that say about the phins?) - MadDog 88

The Colts have a bad OL, statistically Luck is not as good as Tannehill, (I got a stat for you, 5-3) and they have a pretty bad defense. - MadDog 88

I think we're going to smoke them. (I think you smoked too much doobage before the game) Their defense ****ing blows. - registeredguy

(aimed at colts fans) Maybe someone should refer them to this hysterical thread by the assclowns we just humiliated (yeah, pretty funny thread. What does that have to do with the Colts?) - Vaark

Considering the fact that we are the #1 scoring Defense in the AFC (5th In The League), #2 In Sacks, #2 In passing touchdown's allowed, #2 in opposing QB rating #2 in passing completion, #3 in INT's. Add the the fact Andrew Luck is the fifth worst rated passer and completing only 55% oh his passes. I expect another complete and dominated game by this group of hungry piranhas. (how did those stats work out for ya?) - CRAZYDOLFAN305

We are getting pretty lucky here, fellas. I think the Colts will come out as flat next week as the Jets did today. - jMaL305

The Jets destroyed them, I'm not worried at all. (facepalm, yeah that's how it works in the nfl) - Phinatic8u

Andrew Luck meet Cameron Wake. (dolfans, meet the big fat L) - dolfan_

im feeling highly confident about our next 4 games before the pats. imagine 8-3 pats vs 8-3 fins december 2nd? who would've thought (yeah, who woulda thought? Not me) - Ilovemyfins4eva mean the team who barely beat the hapless Titans??? (yeah, THAT team. LOL!) - AZStryker

What's going to happen is our DL will maul the Colts, forcing Luck into bad decisions. Our OL will maul the Colts, leading to success in the running game. Tannehill will take care of the rest. (yeah OK) -finomenal

Show up. (thanks for showing up and giving us another W) - Deeznutt

The Dolphins should double destroy them. Bush is going to have an epic game. (yeah, i'm sure they'll be talking about it for years to come. Epic LOL) - armyphin

The Colts will struggle big time. Bank it! (I won't be doing my banking with you anytime soon) - PASQUALE

Didn't the Jets recently do to the Colts, what we just did to the Jets? (didn't matter much, huh?) - zackmandude63

I think the Dolphins have a legit shot to go 3-0 over that stretch, and there is a real chance here for Miami to be fighting not just for the playoffs, but for the division in December when we play the Patriots twice. (get ahead of yourself much?) - registeredguy

I don't see it being close. (you need glasses son) - dcnr226

Phins 34
Colts 20
So you can run and tell THAT! Homeboy. (Oh I'm gonna run, to the fridge for another celebration beer!) - WVDolphan

the colts suck. we'd better smash them or quit acting like we're a legitimate contender. (I guess you're not legit. Have a nice off season) - 72champagne

Nah, he is just preparing his losing press conference. (care to rephrase that?) - Daytona Fin

I am so sick of the half ass Dolphin fins. We are not going to the super bowl. But this team will beat teams they are suppose to beat like the Colts (what have you got to say now? Crawl back down to your mom's basement) - dolphin777

You will not score 24 on our defense dream on Dolt fan. (looks like 23 was good enough) - PASQUALE