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Thread: Barack Obama supports a college football playoff

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    Quote Originally Posted by trojanma View Post
    College Playoff not so stupid anymore.
    Very much stupid. Take your 1%. Right now it's Oregon and Kansas State. The Bammers crapped themselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WVDolphan View Post
    Alabama is not losing this year bro.

    In fact, they likely wont lose again until 2014.

    But, youre right that in the future, a 4 team playoff pretty much guarantees that at least 1 SEC team gets in. I cant wait till there are a 3 undefeated teams from those inferior conferences and a 1 loss SEC team comes in and wipes out two of them in the playoff.

    Or better yet, 2 undefeated teams from a couple of weak conferences along with a 1 loss SEC team and a 2 loss SEC team and both of the undefeateds get destroyed by the 2 SEC teams in the semifinals. Then the same two teams that played in the SEC title game play each other in the national championship game.
    I nominate this for "biggest helping of crow eaten this year"
    "As scarce as truth is, the supply has always been in excess of the demand."
    Henry Wheeler Shaw
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    Blow me.

    Obama is a socialist and Nick Saban is still the greatest. ROLL TIDE!!!

    Bill Belichick on "putting the tape on"

    and i say it's tom brady with better legs...he reads the field presnap like tom brady...reminds me so much of him although tannehills ahead of bradys development in year 2 imo
    Quote Originally Posted by JCane View Post
    Well I'll be damned. WV was right again and called this weeks in advance and everyone gets mad at him.


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