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Thread: The "REAL" Problem

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    The "REAL" Problem

    I have seen countless threads saying this or that is the problem with our team.

    I have decided to throw my two cents into the ring here.

    Why does our passing game not work consistently and put up points? That is what everyone wants to know. Well here is my opinion, take it for what it is worth.

    Tannehill does not look through his progressions. Now I am not blaming the kid for everything. The tape tells all. I have watched him and when his primary target is open he is very good and efficient. His first read is just about always Hartline or Bess. A lot of the time yesterday if you look back at the tape, Rishard Mathews was open. He just was not getting looked at. He was being defended by Alfonzo Dennard who IMO is terrible. He is good at the initial contact but then tends to get lost in space and will not play ball and you can get him for pass interference or big completions. I watched him at Nebraska and now as a Patriot. We constantly looked the other way and threw at their best corner who is Aqib Talib. Now Talib is not a shut down corner but he is light years ahead of Dennard. When Tannehill had Mathews as his first read on that 4th quarter drive, it went for a big play. Mark my words the tape doesn't lie, that was the first time that I actually saw Tannehill look towards Mathews. He then looked at him the next play and the safety was over the top and he checked back and found Hartline for a big play.

    That is the real problem. Either Tannehill hasn't advanced to the point of reading through progressions fast enough OR he what I believe, he is locking on to his trusted receivers in Bess and Hartline because of a comfort level with knowing where they are going to be. However you spell it out, it is killing our passing game because it is eliminatiing half to a quarter of the field that the defense has to cover on all passing plays.

    Again, Mathews was open on occasion yesterday, just not looked at. Take it for what it is worth. Torch me if you will but before you do please watch the film and see it I am not telling the truth.
    This is exactly why he forces the ball at times, like the throw to Fasano that Spikes batted down and then did his GAY A$$ DANCE!! That about made me puke by the way, what a BUM! Why is it that every player has to celebrate like they won the Super Bowl everytime they do something. Barry Sanders should give a class as he was a great role model. Made a play and ran directly to the official. IT IS YOUR JOB FELLAS!

    Point blank, if we can get a guy that Tannehill trusts, I think we will be way better offensively next year. We are a #1WR and a Pass Catching TE away from being a very explosive offense IMO!
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    Well, I agree to a point. All Qb's look to their go to guys all day. Yesterday for NE, Brady was looking at Welker and Hernandez all day.

    I think the difference is that Brady and Welker and his TE's work hard at doing something different every week and read the plays together to the point of ease and confidence.

    I just dont understand why the dolphins dont play welker like you would in basketball, ride his azz from LOS all day every play and if he takes a step back you know he is getting the screen. Why do we play off that guy?

    Anyhoo, Everyone just needs to be patient with Tannehill as he developes with his players and next year will be no different as we will have three or four new guys week to week on offense. My money is on Matthews being the third guy. They are working this thing with building in mind. We have multiple players who are not built for this offense.

    personally, I hope we draft Eifert and Fauria and Austin/steadman? a CB and a RT in first five picks.
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    I agree with what you are saying to a point as well, but in reality a QB only makes it to his 3rd progression (in this case Mathews) probably once every 5-10 passes in the NFL. That is due to a couple of reason. One, QBs now do not usually have enough time to look for the 3rd receiver to get open and then have enough time to go back to the 1st or 2nd. Thus if there is any space with the 1-2 the ball gets delivered to them. Secondly, most people's first and second options are much better at getting open so thus there are more completions in the first place. Those two receivers usually are able to eat up more "space" on the field and maintain the attention of more defenders. Third, Mathews is still very inexperienced as a player alone, not even to mention his development with Tannehill. When you are behind, you obviously are going to lean towards the receivers you trust, because a turnover cannot happen. Tannehill is young so he is probably still learning to read through his progressions probably, but I would not put it all on him at this point. Look at Brady yesterday, how many passes did Lloyd catch? To answer my own question, beside Hernandez and Welker, the next receiver with the most receptions was 2.
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