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Thread: ALL READ: Fans in trouble-Need Our Help

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    Owner ALL READ: Fans in trouble-Need Our Help


    Our Miami Dolphins are well represented in the NY area by a club called Dolfans NYC. They have had many members, and other Dolphin fans who are impacted by Hurricane Sandy and the club is trying to raise money to help. Some of had home burnt to the ground and still have no where to go. I have personally donated $100, and they are looking to raise $1,000. I say we blow the roof off that campaign and show them how strong Dolphins Nation really is!!! I want to raise $1,000 from this site alone!! So when you donate in the comments mention you came from here. That way I can track it. Many of us live in coastal areas and it could have happened to any of us who do. SO PLEASE GIVE! These people need our help.

    For ANYONE who donates $5 or more, I will give free VIP membership until the end of the year season. After you donate PM me and I will give you access. Also you will see you can get some cool Dolphins items for donating too. I know these people and they are decent honest group of people. They need us.

    Here is the link:


    Thanks and God Bless the people who are suffering.

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