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none, but i also do not start threads bashing the left wing. i was just stating how someone who posts so many articles daily, heck i feel like every second i am on i see a new article that he has posted, and yet somehow he just does not post this one, its a bit weird.

whatever, didnt mean anything in a bad way towards the guy, i was just pointing out, if u r going to post so many articles daily, and claim to just post from both the right and left, do so fairly.

like if he wants to go ahead and post some article of something a republican like trump or limbaugh says, go ahead its the political war forum, he should, but he shouldn't claim to be neutral when all his articles he posts are basically bashing the republicans.
No, while you dont start threads, all your posts just overwhelmingly side with conservatives. And you just admitted you never start threads bashing the right. Pot meet Kettle.

I never understood the accusations of partisanship on here. None of us are reporters(at least to the best of my knowledge anyways). None of us have to worry about losing our jobs if we arent "balanced". Everyone here is biased. If you dont like the threads he starts and want more conservative threads started, simply make them yourself.