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Thread: Colts tanked in 2011 - revisited

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    I think they gave up at some point after the 5th or 6th game. They were in a few of the early games like 23-20 loss to Pitt and 28-24 loss to KC but the 62-7 loss to the Saints was the obvious game where they quit. Add to that their coach was Jim Caldwell who was one of the absolute worst coaches anywhere, it made for a perfect storm. I know Caldwell from his days as the head coach of Wake Forest when he was 26-53 in 8 seasons...watching him on TV in a preseason interview when asked about recruiting he replied "we're not going to get good recruits, this is Wake Forest"...that just told me all I needed to know. Him being hired was a similar situation to when Jimmy Johnson brought Wannstedt in here to be his replacement. Tony Dungy brought Caldwell in to be his replacement and he set the team up for failure in the process. Peyton Manning was the real coach of that team.
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