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No, it's high in medicaid dollars because we are dirt poor. Outside of Albuquerque, Las Cruces, and Santa Fe, it is an entirely rural state. More than that, it's a hugely uneducated one. Only a little over 50% of kids graduate high school, with maybe 25% of those going to college. Infrastructure here is a joke. I could go on, but it has little to do with immigration. We were dirt poor before Arizona passed that stupid law that sent them all flocking here. We are now slightly less poor, but still pretty bad. We are also pretty much the exact opposite of a retirement mecca, so it doesn't really fit your description...
The reason I included NM as a retirement destination is that I considered a job in Albuquerque building homes in a retirement community. There must be some type of retirement draw. I would agree with the education though, it definitely changes the viability of a state to become more educated. I also don't disagree with education playing a role in federal disbursements to some red states but I am sure there has to be a lot more than that.

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