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I was listening to Morning Joe this AM talking about Romney being one of the worst candidates to run and that if Huntsman, a true Conservative (and my candidate although I generally dislike the right wing for many reasons) had been less forthright, attacked Obama more viciously and didn't speak his mind on being a moderate on social issues, he'd have won the election. As it is, for me, as a Floridian, it boiled down to not putting future ideologue supreme court justices like Scalia in a position to potentially usurp a state's Supreme Court and steal the election. Two bad choices made a little easier by Tony Scalia and Clarence Long Dong Hill. Apparently, I wasn't as alone in that being the decision determination as I originallly surmised I might be.
I don't know that I'd consider Scalia an ideologue unless it's on the grounds of sticking to the Constitution. Thomas, Ok. People like Stevens (yes, I know he's gone) and Ginsberg, definitely. Scalia is about the only one I do trust in that regard, although he definitely isn't perfect. Admittedly, my liking Scalia could be a holdover from my neocon days, but I never really bought into a lot of that either.