Miami picking 21st? Bet no one expected that coming into the season. Sure a lot can change but the play of rookies and veterans alike has been surprising. But there are holes. There are always holes. Perhaps there isn't a unit in more dire need of an upgrade than at WR. Davone Bess and Brian Hartline are serviceable, complementary guys that really round out a unit and a team. Unfortunately there isn't that #1 guy that can be the hybrid deep threat/possession wide out with supreme route-running and skills after the catch abilities. Add that to the Tannehill-led Philbin offense and 2013 could be much better than 2012. The Dolphins are lucky because there is a plethora of feature WRs expected to be available in April, such as the Vols Hunter. He's an ideal WCO WR. He runs smooth routes and has great hands. While no longer a real burner (2011 ACL injury) he isn't lacking in that dept. either. In 24 games for UT he has amassed 80 catches for 1386 yards and 13 TDs.