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Thread: And so it begins...

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    And so it begins...

    On Wednesday, November 7, on his syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh declared that President Barack Obama treats women “like vaginas” and that “they say, ‘He’s my man.’”

    The radio pundit was discussing turnout in Tuesday’s election, in which women voters favored the president 55 percent versus 43 percent for Romney. Unmarried women supported the president at an even higher rate, 68 percent versus Romney’s 30 percent.


    It took all of one day for the Republicans to pull out the "nuh-uh, you're the one who does it" card. If this is their strategy for cutting into that women's vote, I hope they bring in some new strategists. Words won't cut it Limbaugh. Actions need to show Republicans on the side of women before you can even hope to begin cutting into that margin. And to do that, they need to distance themselves from the Akins and Murdoucks of the world. We'll see if they have the huevos to do that...
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