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See, that's what i dont get....why would it be racist for me to say "Whatsup my Nword" when a group of guys on the corner who happen to be black refer to all their friends as "My Nword" You can't segregate words any more than you can seperate people. Sensitivities be damned, words mean something or they dont...but you cant pick and choose.

Offense is taken, never given. People would do well to remember that.
If the tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, does is still make a noise? That is the argument you make but it doesn't matter because the point is the tree still fell at one point or another. Offensive nature is only an opinion based on populous and history, if an Alien from outer space came down to Earth and you called them the "N" word they more than likely wouldn't understand the undertones of that word at all because they were not the ones enslaved for a large portion of their existence.

But when you bust into the Queen City Lodge and yell out "What'd up my N's".........well bro let me tell ya.......ya get what ya get if you don't understand the difference.

I would just suggest going with "you my nerf herder!!!!!.....Yeah!!!"