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You're hardly going to appeal to them with that attitude.

You see, there you go again; you think it is better to lie to someone in order to get them to vote for you than tell them the hard truth. Women will know they made a huge mistake at the end of Obama’s second term, they were totally duped.

You showed pretty consistently in pre-election threads you have no idea what the "people" think about things, want or are willing to tolerate. This election should be a teaching moment for you, but you don't seem to be learning.

You sound just like the Conservatives who thought the nation was shifting in 2004 win Bush won re-election only to see the Democrats bounce back in 2006, or the Liberals in 2008 who thought a new age of progressivism was ushered in by Obama’s election only to have their clocks cleaned by Conservatives in 2010. Conservatives will be back, whether it is in 2014 or 2016. You seem to forget that Conservatives gained strength in the House in this last election, so it was not quite the glorious victory on all fronts you seem to think it was.

Why should I assume mitigating circumstances -- whatever they might be -- exist without having a reason to believe they exist? It's reasonable to infer a racist person from a racist statement or action. Why should theoretical evidence be given equal weight with actual evidence?

Calling Obama a monkey is not a “racist statement”; racism is defined as the belief that a person’s race is superior to all other races. If they made a statement saying they thought whites were superior to all other races, then that would be a racist statement. They made statements that could be seen as racially insensitive, but that does not prove they are racists.

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Can we agree that using slurs that were created to degrade people are inappropriate? It's as if you're saying it's okay if there isn't any racial undertones.
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I don't think anyone misses the historical innappropriateness or racial motivations.

Is it ever allowable to degrade a black person? Is it possible to do it in a way that's not racial?

Did anyone have any problems with Condi Rice portrayed as GWB's parrot? Was it okay because the insult because she's a draconian Republican and the insult came from the left?

Double standards suck. Everyone should be treated the same. Either we're all dumb monkeys or none of us are.

Exactly, I don’t recall seeing such outrage when liberal comedians such as Whoopi Goldberg called Condi Rice “Sally Hennings” who was Thomas Jefferson’s slave and mistress. Was that racist?

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White guys who try to call black guys the N word in a friendly way are called wiggas, and they tend to get beat up a lot. Except for Eminem, for some unknown reason. You show me a black guy who is willing to call another guy the N word in a malicious way and I'll buy you a beer. Good luck with that, though.
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I can't believe we have yet another person here defending racism. This is ridiculous...

He’s not defending racism; he’s calling you out for being irrational, you are appealing to logically fallacious special pleading.. I already pointed out that blacks use racial slurs with one another in malice quite frequently, Warren Ballantine called Juan Williams a “Porch Monkey” on national television when the two were having an argument, and they are both black. You still have no idea what you are talking about do you?

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OH boy, here goes waldork trying to talk genetics and willfully being obtuse again.

Ah, the guy who works in genetics but didn’t know what the word genome meant, I remember you, you’re a funny one.

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Hey man, never asserted Jesus said White Power. Just certain members who follow him, and you follow what certain members say. I can understand the confusion, many us of are better at understanding coherent posts than others.

…and some of us are better at typing coherent statements than others, that is for sure.

So no to the prophet, yes to following others who sometimes talk about White Power. Thats a shame and fairly embarrassing for you.

Nope, as a Christian I follow Christ, and he never said anything about “white power”, so your analogy fails. You’re a Darwinist, and Darwin was a racist.

Coherence? Man, your to amusing Statler.

I am sure you meant “YOU’RE TOO amusing Statler.”; no wonder it’s tough to follow your posts.

So they werent victims! They just saved America from unintended consequences there werent really unintented except you now say they were unintended. Man, thank god for that GOP, looking out for the citizens of this country, especially women of this country and their vulnerable vagina's that currently lack probes in them.

Ultrasounds are actually non-invasive, but you don’t really seem to care about the facts considering you thought women actually earn 75 cents to every man’s dollar.

I totally agree, Republicans made themselves look bad. So again, they werent the victim! Its so nice to have a conversation with you in which we are both in full agreement. Republicans just want to talk about rape and vagina probing and that made them look bad. And of course there is no "war on women" according to the GOP. If those women would just shut up and take it nothing would be a problem.

We’re just informed enough to know that there is a bit of difference between an 18 year old boy who sleeps with his 15 year old girlfriend consensually and a man who attacks a woman and forces her to have sex with him against her will. You just know you can’t win on the issues so you have to distort the facts.

Unfortunately, Romney was clearly to stupid and lazy.

“…to stupid…”? I seriously hope you were trying to be ironic by making such a bone-headed grammatical error while calling Romney stupid, please tell me you were being funny, please…