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Your understanding of the word genome does not equal the true meaning of the word.
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But keep telling yourself that it is, maybe it will come true in never never land.

Actually one of my friends works as a geneticist, and I asked him about your claims and he said only a dunce would not understand what my point was and it was more likely that you were just trying to pull the discussion down rabbit trails because you knew that you couldn’t win it on merits; but he was a bit shocked that there could be people who supposedly work in the field but don’t know that life begins at conception- I second that.

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The "hard truth" that uterus' can repel rape sperm? Or that contraceptives shouldn't be covered by health insurance, and that any woman who does think they do is a slut? Romney promised to end funding to Planned Parenthood. Where's the "hard truth" in that?

1. Akin admitted that he made a factual mistake (which shouldn’t bother you since you voted to re-elect a President who once said there were 57 states), but there was nothing theoretically wrong with the idea behind his statement, trauma can affect numerous bodily functions, he was just wrong about it affecting a women’s reproductive cycle. The Left just pretended it was somehow an appalling position because they knew they couldn’t win if they didn’t scare single women into voting for them.
2. Contraceptives shouldn’t be mandatorily covered by Health Insurance at CATHOLIC institutions; that is a clear violation of separation of church and state. It’s funny how the Left pretends the separation of church and state doesn’t exist when it gets them free stuff.
3. Any organization that practices abortion should not be funded by the federal government, that’s pretty obvious.

Once again, you shouldn't lecture on what's going to happen a few years from now when the election from last month showed you really have no idea about the current climate or electorate. Try waiting until you get a few of these right in a row before your spout off so haughtily.

I see you haven’t taken that course in logical reasoning yet, I really hope you do so we can have a decent discussion for once. I being wrong about one speculative point doesn’t prove that I am wrong about any other point. I was right about Kerry losing to Bush, Bush beating Gore, and Obama beating McCain. I am surprised you are so proud of yourself for predicting the outcome of the election considering your reasons for thinking Obama would win were complete bogus, you’re like the sports analyst who predicts a team will win because they’ll run the ball all game long and they do end up winning but because they passed the ball all day long. That doesn’t impress me much.

I'm not trying to "prove" that someone who makes such a joke is a racist. But in lieu of other evidence it's an appropriate inference to make. Suppose a Jewish person has been elected president and that night a non-Jewish person tweets "Sieg Heil! #finalsolution." What is reasonable to draw from that?

Your “other evidence” is that people called Bush a monkey all the time, calling a President a monkey regardless of his skin color seems to not be a real rare occurrence.

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Are you saying its offensive because he is a Jew? What if he was white with blonde hair and blue eyes?
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You’re obviously missing the point, people called Bush a monkey; the word monkey doesn’t have to be a racial or ethnic slur, “Sieg Heil! #finalsolution” only makes sense in an anti-sematic context. You guys still don’t use the word racist correctly though, that’s for sure.

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And we have the right to call you a moron and a racist for doing it.

Yes, you have the right to be as misinformed and wrong as you desire.

Combine that with the destruction of Romney in the Presidential election and the win of the popular vote I would say it was a sound rejection of the Republican party.

Wait, so was 2004 a sound rejection of the Democratic Party when a republican president was re-elected, the GOP gained control of the House, Senate, and Governorships? How soon you seem to forget.