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Thread: Have you seen the "Mark buttfumble isn't ready" article?

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    Have you seen the "Mark buttfumble isn't ready" article?

    Interesting quotes from Pete Carroll's perspective versus Mark buttfumble and Rex Ryan's viewpoints:
    "Through the first nine weeks of the 2012 NFL season, Mark buttfumble of the New York Jets has performed at a level that puts him in Football Outsiders' opponent-adjusted metrics.

    In his four-year career, buttfumble has never ranked higher than 20th in FO's season-cumulative DYAR stats, and never higher
    than 28th
    in its per-play DVOA rankings. In the last year, buttfumble has seen anonymous teammates question his character, his own general manager wonder
    whether he'll ever take that nebulous next step, and his team trade for Tim Tebow, thus throwing the quarterback situation into a perma-drama that benefits


    Doug Farar poses the big question: "The real question with buttfumble seems to be: Would he really have benefited from another year at USC, or was this his ceiling all along, and this is what we're going to get?"
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    buttfumble sucked his first year, sucked this year and will suck where ever he's playing next year. He's never been an average qb let alone a good one.
    Quote Originally Posted by nyjunc
    I post on a dolphins site, an overzealous mod didn't like me questioning his "power" and banned me for the week. been posting there since 2004 and have never been banned. I was wronged and now I don't think I will post there again and it will be their loss. .
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    No reason to believe his ceiling is higher then what he has shown thus far. He makes the same mistakes he made as a rookie and still has the emotional immaturity of a high school kid. One of the dumbest personnel moves I have ever seen was extending his contract essentially holding them hostage this year and next.
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