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Thread: I would like to apologize for my post earlier regarding attendance.

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    I have to say that I don't blame the fans that were there for booing the team. They deserved those boos. It was a disgrace. Last week we had 3 guys that played a good game. Tannehill, Bess and Hartline. Yesterday we had none.

    Ozzy rules!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mogwai View Post
    Everyone who doesn't live in South Florida seems to just say that.

    I wouldn't blame Ross if he let the blackouts happen, but it wouldn't increase attendance. It would just lower the team's exposure and push the team a little further into irrelevance.
    Ross should have bought out the tickets and given them to people in the local area to fill the stadium with excited people that don't normally go, I mean if you are going to buy them and all.
    A strong sign we have not improved, is the same tired threads on the forum every year.
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