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Thread: Thank you Jeff Ireland for this talentless roster

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    ok, I have the solution to all the problems. I think that Ozzy should be our GM(with Shannon's help)and all our problem will be over.

    Ozzy rules!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spesh View Post
    Jerry Reese and Kevin Colbert, off the top of my head. Couple of Superbowl rings there.

    I have no doubt you believe Ireland has done a decent job. I mean, hes had a winning season. Once.

    And all the evidence has shown that Philbin is a Ross guy...Ireland never wanted him. This false reality in which blackmail is the established norm amuses me. "You must keep the gm or the coach will be fired!!!!". As if keeping a god awful general manager is essential to keep a good coach. Best case scenario: the coach gets dragged down with the horrible gm. Great situation there!
    Blackmail? The **** you talking about?

    What amuses me is you still don't understand my point. Sure Philbin is a Ross guy but what does that have to do with anything? A GM's job is to build the team through his eyes. They bring in their players, their HC, and build the team the way they envision. Very rarely does a GM take over and keep a HC because it's what the owner wants.

    We sure as **** won't have a decent GM around here if Ross is going to force Philbin upon them. That's just not the way it works.

    And for the record I never said Ireland has done a great job. His drafts have definitely gotten better but I was one of the many that donated money to fly that worthless banner over the stadium last year. He has had one winning season but with who as HC? One of the very worst coaches in the entire NFL. Ireland deserves to go if we have another sub par season. End of story.

    I've been a Philbin fan since I heard he was getting a interview. I'm just being real, a new GM may very well mean the end of Philbin. Would rather it not but that's the NFL
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