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Thread: Dear Coach Philbin: Use the remaining games for talent evaluation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gofins60 View Post
    Well, my "Smith playing Safety" bit was just an example (I've heard others mention this idea), and I think I read that he used to be a Safety. As for evaluation, why haven't we seen Egnew or Matthews in a game yet; especially Matthews since they need WR help? How bad could he be?

    As for Long, if he's injured, then say so. If he isn't, then I'd bench him due to his (lack of) performance this year. Philbin needs to put some fear into these guys, and let them know that they'd better shape up or ship out. Anyone can have a bad game or three, but this team is full of players that are making a career of it.
    You cant just bench a player like Long who is making a huge salary and due to hit the open market this year. The players union would be furious. Although there is nothing they could do legally, it wouldnt look good. Not too many players in the league would be happy about it and would definately think about that situation before they signed with the phins. You have to give that guy a chance to play and set his market value.

    Now, I wasnt saying he is injured. Believe me, Im the last guy who would make excuses for Jake Wrong. Im just saying if you wanted to look at Martin at LT if the phins are eliminated towards seasons end, the only way to do it and let Long save face would be to list him as "injured". He may actually be willing to do that himself if he were dinged up a little and felt he could only hurt his own market value by continuing to play.

    Outside of that, they are going to have to make the call on whether or not Martin can play LT next year based on their evaluations of him coming in to the draft and from what they have seen of him at RT this season.
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    Okay then, how about sitting Long (or another lineman) for a few possessions the next time he gives up a sack or draws a flag? Reggie was benched for fumbling, and so was Thomas earlier. IMO, something needs to be done because the o-line play has been horrible. Tannehill may not make it through the season with this line.
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