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Thread: Ireland and Philbin are birds of a different feather

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    Quote Originally Posted by crumpdaddy View Post
    yeah 2-3 years we can be contenders, im still not writing off season after a loss to a surprisingly good team in the colts, and a loss to a bad team in the titans who maybe we overlooked in prep for buffalo on thursday nite. we need to replace 3 OL, long, cogs, and jerry....they are sparano guys. with the money we save MAYBE we can fill two of those spots in FA, and though not sexy maybe burn a draft pick in second on the third spot. im hoping we squeek into playoffs but realistically we're prolly looking at a 8-8ish season putting us into the 11-15 range. with colts and bears both winning our compensation for marsh and davis wont be overly good, but will still be two more pics in the top 90. i kinda feel bad for saying this, but if we cant get the FA help at oline, i would have no problem if we could draft two starters for oline in our top 5 pics. we have to keep the pressure off of tanne and be able to open up more holes in the running game elsewhise tanne isnt gonna have a chance to show whether or not he's our franchise qb. i think philbin can develop irelands talent it just has to be the kinda talent he needs, this past offseason we saw ireland draft players towards what philbin needs, another offseason who knows. fins up! lets keep heart

    Long and Incognitos salary is $17,683,000

    while EVERY offensive lineman (9 players) on the Atlanta Falcons
    make a combined salary of $16,105,000

    McClune $980k
    Manley $170k
    Hawley $660k
    Johnson $700k
    Holmes $523k
    Konz $652K
    Baker $3,760,000
    Clabo $4,800,000
    Blaylock $3,860,000

    Look at the 49ers
    Every single (8 players)offensive lineman on the roster
    make a combined $15,970,217

    Long AND Incognito MAKE $17,683,000

    New Englands offensive line players combined make $14,510,760

    Mankins $7,000,000
    Connolly $2,333,333
    Solder $1,941,021
    Wendell $950k
    Cannon $531,406
    Aiken $465,000
    Thomas $750,000
    McDonald $540,000

    8 players combined who still make 2 million LESS than Long and Incognito

    Not only are they playing out of position in this "new" zone blocking scheme but
    both are highly overpaid

    As previously stated I would be surprised/shocked if Long,Cog,and Jerry return next year
    neither are athletic enough for the zone blocking scheme implemented this season

    What's even more alarming is next season
    if you franchise Big Jake and add Incognito and his increased salary
    you'd have 2 players making $20 million + in salary
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    Quote Originally Posted by miamiron View Post

    Long and Incognitos salary is $17,683,000

    What's even more alarming is next season
    if you franchise Big Jake and add Incognito and his increased salary
    you'd have 2 players making $20 million + in salary
    I can't see them tagging Long next year. Not the way he's playing.

    As for getting rid of Long, Incognito and Jerry...Incognito and Jerry are under contract next year. We could release one of them but it's unlikely we release both simply because of depth (or lack of) on the O-line. You can't remake 3/5th of your O-line and expect to be successful the next season. There needs to be some continuity.

    If I had to guess I would say you let the market set Long's price. If someone wants to sign him for $10+ million I think you let him walk...and I'd do the same with Sean Smith. If they both sign mega deals then you'll end up getting a 3rd round compensatory pick but neither of them are worth huge contracts. Smith doesn't seem to be fitting in with some of the coverages Coyle runs, he's fine in press man coverage, awful in zone. Long just seems to have been in decline for 3 years now...or whichever season it was that Sparano left him in the preseason and he got his knee hurt...it's been slowly going downhill since then. Can't see spending big money, long term, on a player that is heading downhill...too risky of an investment.

    Free agency next year has some options at the OT position:

    Ryan Clady (who I don't think will hit free agency)
    Sebastian Vollmer (also don't think he hits free agency)
    William Beatty (I'd be interested if the Giants let him test the market...Giants have almost as many key free agents as we do after the season)
    Winston Justice (could be an option at RT if we opt to move Martin to LT)
    Ryan Harris (he's now a backup in Houston but has 34 starts in his career)

    With the exception of Clady, who I think is going to get paid big time, all these guys are cheaper options who would be a fit in the ZBS.
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