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Thread: Bench Bush for one fumble , why not Tannehill?

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    Quote Originally Posted by finjim View Post
    Is this the only photo in your family album? You have posted it all day.

    Bill Belichick on "putting the tape on"

    and i say it's tom brady with better legs...he reads the field presnap like tom brady...reminds me so much of him although tannehills ahead of bradys development in year 2 imo
    Quote Originally Posted by JCane View Post
    Well I'll be damned. WV was right again and called this weeks in advance and everyone gets mad at him.


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    Crazy talk. Rookie QBs don't have bad games. They need to be perfect every game to make up for the rest of the team ****ting the bed. That's common knowledge. Tannehill is clearly a bust.

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