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Thread: whats the bigger need? whos some of the top prospects at those positions?

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    BPA sounds about right.....but if there is a top tier Corner sitting there in Rd 1.....I hope they take that position first. Our other top priorities are Pass rushing OLB, TE, and WR.
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    You stay true to your board. That's what makes a good draft. Guys leave as free agents and get hurt all the time....you need quality depth. The best way to infuse a franchise with talent it to draft the most talented guys.

    If 2 guys are close and 1 is at a position of need, you take the need. But if 2 guys are there and 1 is head and shoulders above the other but at less of a need, you take the stud and deal with it later (unless it's a QB, you can only carry so many of those).
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