Looking at the upcoming schedule, things look pretty daunting for the Fins. I can easily make an argument that they might not win a game until the home Jacksonville game. The playoff talk was premature and inappropriate. I have argued that this season is a process. With a rookie HC and QB and many moving parts, this season was about progression. I thought this was a 3-5 win team. Unfortunately, I think that they will end up closer to my prediction than many others around here.

I wonder if the rookie QB has hit the so called Rookie Wall. The O-line has misfits running the WCO System. The receiving group lacks a threat to take the top off the D. There is no pass rush opposite of Wake. The DB's lack talent and have no ball skills. The team is not that good right now. People have to understand that this is a process.

With that said, we are in for a brutal stretch going into the winter. Find resolve and believe in the process right now.

Buffalo: Traveling on a short week is tough. Chan Gailey is multiple in his formations and I think we will find Bills receivers running open versus our confused secondary. Spiller is similar to the type of RB that gives us issues. Buffalo will be tough to play at night with all the juiced fans.

Seattle: They do have to travel across country and the Fins will have additional time to prepare. Also, Lynch is the type of back I think we can handle. However, with that said, their D is so physical and a terrible match up for our O. Russell Wilson is Doug Flutie-like playing with pixie dust.

New England: Tom Brady might throw for 500 yards again. No chance to run it. Will have to toss it around, but I expect New England's pick up of Talib to help a lot.

San Francisco: There might be a chance here. Similar type of teams. However, SF has more talent and are at home.

This is going to be a tough stretch. The Dolphins have to get back to basics: run the ball, stop the run, get off the field on the 3rd down and start winning the turnover differential. Think block and tackle better than the opponent. If they can do that, let the chips fall as they may.