...for two reasons:

1; buffalo always play us tough...this is a team we hardly beat since the jim kelly, thurman thomas days..i hate this team..they robbed dan marino of superbowl rings.

2; they can score quick and often, something miami cant do and their defense is now coming together. Their wide recievers are realy fast and quick. I don't need to remind you of their two headed monsters at running back.

Te only thing is ryan fitzpatrick sucks and he is a pocket passer. The guy single--handedly lost the game for buffalo yesterday. The interception he throw was unbelievable. With 30 seconds to go,down by 6 and the ball near the opponents 20? If i was a fan, i would be wating for him in the parking lot. He is the most over paid, over rated qb in the league next to taco. Lol!