Also, I agree with the posters saying we dominated Buffalo last year because we did. The 2nd game was closer but I think Our guys let them get back in the game and squashed their hopes rather quickly anyway. However, B-Marsh was a huge part of that 2nd game and Vontae was a very tough matchup for Stevie Johnson as he pretty much kicked the crap out of Stevie twice last year (there was even a wise ass Bills fan in here thanking us for trading him because of his dominace over Stevie last year). Who knows but seems to me 2 guys who were a big part of that dominace are no longer here.

Defense has to play well. As much flack as they get on here they are our only hope and still the strength of this team. If we have to rely on this offense put together by our offensive minded staff to win games we have no chance. We should slow things down, huddle up, let the play clock wind down and commit to the running game to avoid putting the Bills offense on short field due to INT's/turovers and from being on the field all game. We do not have the personnel to be a high flying, up temo, no huddle offensive team. 6 points in the last 6 quarters emphasizes that, in fact opposing defenses have put up more points on our offense ion the last 6 quarters then the other way around.