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Thread: Conservatives, Don't Despair

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    Conservatives, Don't Despair

    Quote Originally Posted by spydertl79 View Post
    I am an independent voter.

    I actually have grown to like Obama a lot more than I thought I would (McCain voter in 2008). Partly due to my economic views shifting from a Chicago-style view to a more balanced, nuanced view that recognizes that monetary policy is crucial during economic downturns but also partly because the Republican party seems to be shifting to the right socially for some reason. I don't know if I can bring myself to vote Republican as long as they keep pandering to the anti-intellectual forces within their party. I love Obama's foreign policy and I, along with many Americans, took issue with the GOP trying to unfairly capitalize on the Benghazi tragedy, facts-be-damned.

    As for people just voting for the incumbent, surely that was part of it as well. People always prefer the devil they know to what was an especially big question mark with Mitt Romney and his ever-evolving "plans."

    On a side note it looks like our teams might be facing off in the Orange Bowl.
    Actually this pretty much sums up my thoughts on Obama and the republicans too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spydertl79 View Post
    I don't think any of those three is getting chosen over an At Large SEC team or Notre Dame. I'll be shocked if FSU doesn't win the ACC but then again you just never f&^%ing know with the Seminoles.
    Actually a few weeks ago there was talk going around that if we finished the season undefeated and Kansas State finished undefeated but didn't make the BCS title game then the Sugar Bowl was going to take both of us. They pick before the Orange but all of that talk is dead now.
    Enjoy your burrito.

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