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I said it in another thread . . . if Miami is planning on using a QB draw (ala Matt Schaub in 2008) to win a game near the goaline . . . they are doing a damn good job in making teams believe Tannehill isn't going to take off.

The rook has to realize we need first downs, and there is no shame in stepping up and sliding for 2 yards on 3rd and 2 and getting a new set of downs. He absolutely had several times in the game yesterday where he could of taken off and gotten the first. It certainly was frustrating watching Jake Locker do that to us the entire game and watch Tannehill miss his opportunities to do so.

I don't know what was worse . . . watching Luck complete all those 3rd down conversions throwing . . . or watching Jake Locker complete them by running/scrambling.
You and I had talked about this on the game day chat. People are comparing his stats to henne and all this stuff, and while he is making mistakes sometimes they are not the same QB. Henne couldn't move like Tannehill and Henne had that 3 second clock that led to auto check downs, even though he had a cannon (though terrible Deep accuracy). What i see in Tannehill is something I would like to see from an improved QB but PLUS the things he should be doing as a rookie, running too early or checking down too much. So I look at this as easier progression than say making Henne keep his eyes downfield or take more shots. Tannehill tries to take shots downfield with limited downfield talent on common occasion and without putting the ball in danger. Tannehill will do everything in his power to keep his eyes down field and look for the receiver to make the throw and catch. The problem is that he is a pretty good athelete and he's decently fast for a QB... but doesn't use his legs enough as a weapon. Also the checkdowns are usually late, bad throws, or not even looked at some games. I think thats fair to say and I think its easily fixable, more so than getting a QB to keep his eyes down field when facing pressure. Kind of like a reverse progression thing, if anyone knows what I mean lol