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lol typical miami, lettin go of a talent like bush is just insane.
Yeah, the sidelines will definitely miss him. He's chock full of talent when he's actually on the field...until he stubs his toe. Then it's game over. We need a back that can consistently produce.

I liked the pick up, but this year he's gotten on my nerves. When he's on his game, he's a serious threat. Unfortunately, defenses know what they need to do to knock him off his game, which is extremely easy to do. I'm tired of seeing him on the sideline nursing some minor injury and I'm tired of the fumbles. I'm tired of how easily he's taken completely out of the game either by minor injury or stopping him a couple of times early in the game.

The fact that he's our biggest playmaker on offense is just an example of the sad state of this offense. We need consistency, and he's far from that. He also plays a position that any GM worth his salt can replace easily.