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Where is the contradiction?? The arguement of "it's possible" is completely non supportive of any arguement. But even if I give in to "it's possible", which I did for your sake, doesn't mean it will happen. Which I restated. Sorry, no contradiction there. Let's meet up after the end of next season and compare Barkley and Smith I think I will come out ahead on this one. I am not to sure about Wilson either but agree that he may surprise just like Russell Wilson this year. So two questions, pick it now: 1) if Matthews and Keenan are on the board who do you pick 2) if Matthews and Keenan are on the board who does Ireland pick. { My choices: Me - Keenan, Ireland - Keenan}
1st answer is Keenan...no brainer. 2nd answer I need more information. Is Long still on the team or not?