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Thread: Losing a pet made me realise something....

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    Wife's pup was hit by a car recently, she found him. Never seen her cry til that day! Sad.
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    My parents boxer had to be put down this past July 4th and it devistated them. They really become part of the family. My mother was so distraught she ran out of the house, calling me in hysterics when the dog was ready to go. My dad, who is one tough sob, came out of the animal hospital sobbing when the dog was finally put to sleep. They were both in tough shape for a while after.
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    I post on a dolphins site, an overzealous mod didn't like me questioning his "power" and banned me for the week. been posting there since 2004 and have never been banned. I was wronged and now I don't think I will post there again and it will be their loss. .
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