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Yes I have an inferiority complex towards a franchise we have been better than for a long time.

It's just funny how we make 2 title games and it's no big deal while you guys can go back to include every year since 1995 until current and you still wouldn't have 4 playoff wins total and your last title game app was 20 years ago.
Who here argues that the Dolphins have had more success than the Jests in the last 10 years? Again no one, It's like you make this stuff up. We just don't care to hear about the success the Jests did have when arguing your ****ty team this year and your ****ty QB. No one cares, and those stats are irrelevant to most discussions that happen regarding the Jests and Taco

If there was a thread topic that stated. "Who has been more successful in the last 10 years" and you brought up all these prior years stats, then it would be relevant. But when someone says "SANCHEZ SUCKS! His Completion % is the LOWEST in the league!!" and you reply with those same stats thats when they become IRRELEVANT. I know this is hard for you to comprehend. Please, think hard..

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is it possible for you to disucss things w/o cursing? it doesn't make you look good.
Lmao.. No, it doesn't make me look "good". Hard to do that using a simple word. You being offended by said word speaks volumes however..