Who you guys got at corner? It looks thin at the top beyond Johnthan Banks, who looks like a strong prospect. Dee Milliner is a redshirt SO so isn't he eligible? I tend to like Saban corners. You can get good evaluations on them because you can see how they project. But after that, it seems thin at the top. The Texas corner seems to get alot of play (name escapes me).

How does it look on day 2?

What I am getting at - with corner being so thin, maybe it behooves Miami to make a move on corner in round one and wait for receiver on day two (think Stedman Bailey or Marquess Wilson despite his quitting at WSU). May be easier to get a solid prospect on day two at receiver than at corner. Unless there are some solid corners I am unaware of.

Sean Smith is a free agent and really he is a number 2 corner even if he comes back. Carroll is solid. Jimmy Wilson has struggled as of late but I normally like him in the slot. But we need two more corners, especially ones who can play the ball! And one corner should be a lockdown number one corner. In today's 7-7 on league, this is a must get in this draft. Two, please.