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Thread: Corner market

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    I have to admit that I have not been looking at the draft yet but I can say this. I agree that we need at least 1 top corner but unless we fix our lack of a pass rush, it won't matter who we get back there. The QB's are getting all day to throw and you can't cover NFL receivers forever.So yes, I'd be ok with a corner high but we need a pass rush. As far as WR, we all know we need some speed/playmakers bad but knowing Ireland, don't be surprised if we draft a DT and more oline in the first 3 rounds.

    Ozzy rules!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SF Dolphin Fan View Post
    I'm with you on Jordan. If he's not there when we pick maybe Eifert.
    dion jordan COULD be a 2nd coming of jason taylor. 6'6" 240+ with that kind of athletism. rushing the passer or dropping in coverage he is a plus player. a creative def coordinator could wreck an offense with this guy.
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    Just watching a bit of Micah Hyde - might have to revise him upwards. You'd hope Ken O'Keeffe would have the inside skinny on this kid but he looks great.

    Instinctual, great speed, stays in the receivers hips in man coverage. Keeps his eye on the ball and often gets up before the receiver. Very decisive in run support. Very strong tackler. Seen him get pinged for holding once or twice but overall he looks a very smart player. Fluid in the hips? Hard to tell from the recordings and clips I've seen, but he rarely seems to buy a fake or a double move and stays on his man.

    Here's a representative taste of the guy:

    He got arrested recently for a stupid drinking offense. Wasn't even suspended for a game, so can't have been that serious. O'Keeffe should be able to say whether there's anything long-term to worry about there.
    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better. - S. Beckett
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