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I work with high-end surgeons and with hospital executives at my current job... they consult with me regarding the state of the job market, reimbursements, etc and I assist them in finding a new position or in adding to a hospital's staff if necessary.

The surgeons are frightened by this bill because they are going to be the ones who end up taking the brunt of the costs. I am already noticing a steady migration away from private practice and into a hospital-employed or hospital-owned group situation because of this.

From my point of view, this bill is going to reduce healthcare costs by reducing the amount of emergency surgeries that need to be done and, as mentioned in the post above, come out of the pockets of the surgeons and the major healthcare systems via reduced reimbursement levels. This demand should be offset somewhat by an increased demand for primary care doctors and mid-level practitioners as more people get regular check ups and will probably not really effect specialists such as cardiologists, neurologists, etc.

Most of the surgeons dislike Obamacare but, to be honest, most of them are completely clueless in regards to business, healthcare administration, and politics. Healthcare administrators all seem to be neutral on the bill... usually citing specific concerns such as the lack of malpractice reform but they are generally happy that we are building a framework to help corral the out-of-control costs.

This is what I hear from the people who are most effected by this... do with this knowledge what you will.
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