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And for gods sake don't give me the 6-3 record. Henne was not the reason for the 6-3 record. Our run game and defense were results of that record.
Aren't our 4 wins this season a result of the same thing? Running game beat Raiders, Defense and running game beat Bengals, Defense and Tannehil beat the Rams and Special teams and Matt Moore beat the Jets.

Henne was a big reason for the 6-3 record at that point of that year. He had incredible 130 QBR rating against the Jets on Monday night and his 1st comeback victory of his career. He also brought us back vs Tampa Bay. (2) 4th quarter comebacks out of the 6 victories. Oh, and he also outplayed Tom Brady for his 6th victory when we were outrushed by the Patriots. He also had 4 divsional wins out of 9 games played. Pretty darn good start for a QB.

People seem to forget that Henne started out his career like Brady but when he was faced with the playoff pressure at the end of the season he folded up like a little girl and was never the same.