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The Fin fans here who think they are scouts. All I here is "Egnew sucks, we need to cut Egnew, Egnew is a wasted pick, Matthews is a beast, Lamar is going to be a keeper, this guy is a bust, that guy is bust"

Opinions all based on idiots who think they KNOW more than our coaching staff who are practicing with these players everyday. There is a reason Egnew hasn't been cut and Matthews isn't starting and Lamar has limited playing time. It's because our coaches KNOW MORE THAN YOU!!!

People, I'm not saying Egnew is going to be a good player, nor am I going to say he's a going to be bad player. But it cracks me up because at this point he's not starting he automatically sucks and is useless. Yes, I am laughing at you armchair coaches. I gotta say I love this board, but about 80% of you are fools and an embarrassments as Fin fans. For Christ sake, let things play out with these players and coaches who coach them. Then when they get CUT, then have an opinion and then you won't sound so ignorant. You posters know who you are, trying to sound smarter than your actual 50 point IQ. It's no wonder we the laughing stock of NFL fans, just visit this board and you see why. It really makes me consider joining the VIP forum but just not sure who it is there to spend the money.
50 point IQ people like us were saying that we needed WR and secondary help since Marshall was traded... Guess what... Whe need it!
50 point IQ people like us were saying that Legohands was too bad to be either considered on the 53 man roster...Guess what... We ere right!
50 point IQ people like us were complaining when we drafted Ted Ginn Jr and many of us were asking for Patrick Willis... If only the "experts" had paid attention!
50 point IQ people like us were complaining when we drafted Jake Long an not taking a "risk" on Matt Ryan... Guess we were wrong right?
50 point IQ people like us were complaining about those stupid calls made by Sparano... We was finally fired... But we were wrong again I guess.
Problem is if we barely have a 50 point IQ, let me ask what would the IQ be on people that didn't see all of this on time?