As much as we all wanted to believe otherwise, we all should have known this is exactly how it was going to go down. Is it a surprise that Loria and Samson are repellent pieces of ****? Nope. This is what you expect from filthy **** faced goat****ers. Those two miserable ****ing turds and the corrupt political weasels royally ****ed over Miami. If this were a more just and civilized culture we would burn them at stakes. They stole our money. Destroyed a holy site. Pissed on the public trust. I'm not remotely surprised because this is who Loria and Samson are and have always been. Two of the most shameless criminals in this state's history. I kept saying this is how it was going to go down even though I really hoped it wouldn't.

I've been a Marlins fan since day one. This might be the breaking point. I wouldn't mind folding the team. We had our run. Let's call this the end while we can still remember the good times. No more debacles and robbing a struggling city in the midst of a recession. But whatever happens Loria and Samson have to pay. There has to be some legal recourse against those criminal sons of whores. The city should be able to get together and string up old west style. Let Conine take a few swings at them. They have killed the Marlins. While that stadium will become an empty post modern ****hole haunted by the ghosts of the Orange Bowl.