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Thread: Reggie Bush slams Buffalo women

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    Quote Originally Posted by metalman32060 View Post
    My wife is from Buffalo, so my impression is about polar opposite
    Sorry dude

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stefins View Post
    this is such a NON STORY!!!
    Yet it has 6 pages worth of conversation. Funny how that happens
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    Looks like Reggie won't be signing with Buffalo in the off season
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    Quote Originally Posted by BuffaloSoldier2 View Post
    As someone born in Buffalo, I find it funny. I'm good looking so I always do well but we don't have as many good looking women as NYC or LA. As a result, the competition factor is weak. A lot of 6s think they are tens there. I'm sure a lot of ugly posters on this board have done better for themselves because of the competition factor in Florida. There are so many attractive girls, they have to settle for someone.

    I do find it funny that Bush is running his mouth. He wifed up a girl who got pounded on a film by a crappy R & B singer and is considered a bust as a #2 pick. Perhaps, he should worry about his own play before he loses another job like he did in NO.
    I guess you forgot he went for over 200 on your precious Bills last year.

    Deshaun Watson is the TRUTH!
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